My name is Lorenzo Verzini, Italian designer & art director living in London, working in the field for more than 9 years. I create digital branding experiences for small and big companies.

PS: I am currently fully booked till the end of December - for any inquires or future collaborations get in touch at l@lorenzoverzini.com. I'd love to hear from you!

Work selection


1 Jul

RT @mattblease: Too hot to skate http://t.co/p4fepXDVrx

1 Jul

Again. "Congrats" to the designer of the identity for @masteredhq to get real close to @pastificiomansi but not quite like ...

23 Jun

Finally! Some candy for all of you. Amazing work @davidpaulrosserhttp://t.co/6pz4TNTtIb https://t.co/PdL5YXOmHN

22 Jun

When design/designer fail ... http://t.co/KF6FQAfjen