Out to Dry

21 Jun, 2013

One for the people that have never been by the italian seaside during what I call  summer: if I just close my eyes, this is the projection in my brain of those moments. This is a lovely series from Nicolee, a californian photographer girl now based in Rome. She’s also been selected to shoot the new teaser for the new Instagram ‘video’ functionality. More lovely sets on

David Ryle

28 May, 2013

Those photos taken in the Mojave Desert, are part of the ‘Desert Studies‘ project of David Ryle. Amazing colours and textures, if you have time pop on David website to see more amazing photos!


30 Jan, 2013

Really liking this rebrand from BDV! The bold use of the shapes combined with a fresh (or retro) style palette, make me want to open a little store. The abstract line execution on the paper tissue is a ++

sekuMoi Mecy

21 Nov, 2012

Ongoing exploration of derivatives of a 3D scan of Mickey Mouse, titled ‘sekuMoi Mecy’ (a simple computer generated anagram). Each derivative demonstrates the progression of scanning and remixing processes I’m developing. The choice of character also raises issues of potential clashes with big copyright holders that could potentially choose to lobby for legislation against 3D scanning.


The amazing work of Matthew Plummer-Fernandez.

Space food

Loving the subtle humour of this photos mixed with a simple, clever and clear look – a contribution for “The mobile museum” by Giorgia Zanellato

Significant Others

12 Nov, 2012

Significant Others is a carefully edited online retail shop offering beautifully crafted artworks and objects. Have a look here.

Eighteen days across Nepal

31 Oct, 2012

Just got an email from Francesco. “Eighteen days across Nepal” book page on Blurb has been updated – here’s the perfect xMas gift 2012.


Get yourself a copy here!

Pas a Pas

Pas a Pas is an interactive educational tool for schools that enables children to learn and experiment with different sets of elements using animation. It aims to use the physicality and the animated outcome of stop motion animation to bridge the gap between abstract concepts from maths, physics or arts (usually represented by graphs, equations or words) and reality. Have a look here.

Microgravity Research

29 Oct, 2012

GRIN is a collection of over a thousand images of significant historical interest scanned at high-resolution in several sizes.