British Heart Foundation

BHF is the nation’s heart charity, their mission is to play a leading role in the fight against heart disease and circulation, so that it is no longer a major cause of disability and premature death.


I had the task to translate in a interactive piece the ‘2008 Annual Report’, displaying up to 60 linked stories. After a few nights and with my eyes hitching, I came out with a ‘heart shaped’ typographic navigation. The iconic illustration is leading the user, with pleasant transitions, through all the stories featuring different layouts.


The client loved so much the execution that I had to provide a version displaying different stories to be printed on the London head quarters wall.


Even if I had to use Myriad, this still one of my favourite website and has been awarded by the “Webby Awards”.

Murals, Website for Sennep  —  bhf.org.uk/annualreview2008