Checkland Kindleysides

If I think about something beautiful and carefully crafted, Checkland Kindleysides stands in my mind as the perfect paradigm. At Sennep, CK is more than a client, it’s an institution and every project with them was a great source of challenge, excitement and inspiration.


I was in charge to design, animate, direct two Christmas cards and, as last project, the hard task to redesign one of the most beautiful website ever published on the “interweb”.


The charming old Flash website was no longer suiting the company needs, and the primary requirement was to let the works speak by themselves. Big images, sharp typeface and stark editorial layout was the final result. The personality is now coming out from their works and a clever back-end combined with a grid-proof system allow the client to custom edit every single project.


“Santa Goes Solo” it’s a timeless playful game: Rudolph has a broken leg and your mission is help Santa deliver all the presents before the sun rises. With the amazing illustrations of Graziano Monteleone this rich and addictive experience has been awarded at the 2011 NY Festivals. Cheer yourself up here.


“Christmas Bell Jar” it’s a Christmas songs sequencer: through an infinite drop a little marble ball generates notes, bounces on cogs and wooden platforms but will never reach the bottom of the jar.

Website for Sennep  —  checklandkindleysides.com